If you need to build, stabilize, or maintain an unpaved secondary road, Midwest’s Eco-Pave family of products will produce a natural-looking, high-performance surface or, if you prefer, a warm and inviting chip-sealed surface. Engineered in our own labs to be as gentle on the environment as it is effective on the roadway, Eco-Pave gets the job done right using in-place soils.

Eco-Pave, a polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion, is blended into existing native soils, gravel roads or recycled roadway surface materials to create a superior sub-base. It is not necessary to import costly base or aggregate materials.



Eco-Pave Benefits:

  • Improves long-term performance of unpaved and surfaced roads
  • Increases structural integrity and loading capacity (CBR)
  • Creates or restores a smooth, skid-resistant running surface
  • Reduces harmful moisture penetration
  • Eliminates potholing
  • Uses native or in-place soils
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • More durable and weather resilient than asphalt

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