Side Release Agents

Zero Gravity B-Free is a side-release agent that grips metal, forming a non-freezable barrier between coal and car skins, truck beds, chutes and other treated metal surfaces. Its lubricity helps load and unload material more easily.
Keep coal from freezing and bonding with metal surfaces

Zero Gravity B-Free also speeds thawing efforts since unlike ice; it does not act as an insulator. It warms immediately and conducts the heat through the coal mass. Zero Gravity B-Free prevents expanded coal in hoppers from acting as one solid unit and resisting shakers. It is also effective on aggregates, sand, agricultural lime and many other materials.

Zero Gravity B-Free Benefits:

  • Does not allow ice to form between metal and coal
  • Prevents costly downtime and demurrage
  • Reduces the amount of FCA needed
  • Is non-flammable
  • Applies easily with hand-held sprayer

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