Third Rail Anti-Icers Keep Trains Moving All Winter

If the third rail on your mass transit lines freeze during winter storms, your overall operations will face their own big freeze. The absence of an effective third rail anti-icer throws schedules into chaos, gets your riders hot under the collar, and compromises passenger safety. In the face of the countless winter storms characteristic of colder regions, downtime and maintenance costs go up, the power goes out, and productivity plummets.

Third-rail anti-icing protection is critical because ice on a third rail will not allow sufficient electrical contact, thereby causing power problems which will keep a train from operating.
Midwest’s third rail anti-icer uses a NASA Smart Fluid technology we call Zero Gravity, co-developed by NASA/Ames Research Center and Midwest. Applied before a storm, it prevents ice and snow from bonding to the third rail, keeps your trains on schedule, and helps maintain maximum safety for passengers.

Third Rail Anti-icing Benefits:

 Eliminates interruptions, downtime, and loss of power

Prevents ice and snow from bonding to the third rail

 Keeps mass transit rails running on schedule during winter storms

 Reduces wear and tear on contact shoes

 Increases safety while reducing costs

Zero Gravity Third Rail®

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