Excessive dust from tank trails constitutes both a respiratory system irritant and a hazard to personnel safety and air quality, and can also impact neighboring communities. Dust particles also infiltrate engine compartments, air filtering systems, and mechanical and electrical components, endangering tank operators while causing delay and decay. Midwest’s military-tested dust-control products provide an easy and effective antidote to all of these problems arising from tank trail dust.

Midwest’s long-lasting dust control agents and application systems for tank trails are antidotes to tank trail-related health, safety, air quality, and vehicle maintenance issues. From a tactical standpoint, Midwest’s dust products help troops avoid leaving an unmistakable signature. Our dust control solutions combined with our specialized delivery systems ensure efficient, reliable application. Ask us for the test documentation and military references that provide clear testimonials to our expert technical support and service.

Let Midwest help you minimize your training ground dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Tank Trail and Training Ground Management Benefits:

  • Provides maximum control of PM10 and PM2.5 dust emissions
  • Increases ability to see personnel, trucks, or other obstacles on trails
  • Eliminates potholing and surface breakup
  • Strengthens road for support of heavy-wheeled and tracked vehicles

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