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Cost-Efficient Road Stabilization and Building Solutions from Midwest

Midwest’s suite of patented road stabilization and building technologies use environmentally safe, non-toxic binders to strengthen the structural integrity of unpaved roads, from the foundation to the surface. Our roadbed stabilization treatments include native roadbed soils, old graveled roads, or recycled roadway surface materials, and can be applied to both roads that will receive a surface treatment (chip seal) or those that will not.

We at Midwest engineer our solutions in our onsite lab, apply them using specially developed equipment, and put them through extensive environmental and performance testing in order to offer all of our clients the best possible results.

In both the private and public sectors, road engineers today are facing the dual challenges of tightening budgets and rising standards for regulatory compliance. The cost of both buying and importing additions commonly used for improving road structure like gravel or road base continues to skyrocket, while municipal road budgets (particularly those related to maintenance) are shrinking each year. Meanwhile, environmental regulations demanding dust and sediment control for unpaved roadways and shoulders are only getting more stringent.

Midwest’s road stabilization and building solutions use engineered polymer-based emulsions to create pavement-like strength using the soils already in place on your roads or at your worksite. Our system therefore often eliminates the need to haul in expensive outside materials, offering road engineers a cost-efficient alternative to paving.

The binders in our family of road stabilization and building products prevent fines from escaping the road surface, dramatically reducing PM10 and PM2.5 emissions and ensuring compliance with even the strictest of environmental standards.

Our Approach

Midwest takes an innovative and uniquely effective approach to road construction that can be applied to roads of virtually any composition. Our road building experts work to understand the unique properties of native soils in your area, the availability and cost of road building materials, your performance requirements, and your budget. We use that information as the basis of a road building program that is optimal for your business in terms of cost, strength (CBR), and timeline.

Our suite of road stabilization and building products allow us to build stronger roads more cost-efficiently than any traditional approach. Unlike expensive additions like lime and cement, our stabilization techniques improve road strength while also increasing moisture resistance, reducing the risk of cracking and extending the life of the road. And because our products can be applied at far shallower depths than other approaches, your road budget will stretch further than you could have previously imagined.

Midwest’s road stabilization and building solutions can incorporate every kind of road building, including:

  • Sub-base: Our subgrade stabilization approach maximizes road bed potential, increases loading capacity (CBR), improves structural integrity, and delivers a stronger, longer-lasting road surface
  • Wear course: Midwest’s family of road stabilization and building solutions are formulated to bond the aggregate forming the top layer of your road to produce a superior running surface that offers excellent skid resistance
  • Full-Depth Reclamation: If your road has deteriorated to the point that a full-depth reclamation is necessary, Midwest offers stabilization solutions that are less invasive and costly than traditional methods. We can increase the CBR of your road by 80% in just 48 hours.
  • Pathways: Our approach to strengthening pedestrian pathways leverages a resin-enhanced polymer as an organic binding system for the aggregate chip sealed surface, maintaining the natural color of the chip and creating an appealing natural aesthetic.

The flexibility of our road stabilization solutions is reflected in the wide range of clients who have used it to get results, including municipalities, the military, heavy industry, and homeowners’ associations. Whether you’re interested in preserving the beauty of natural roads or implementing a cost- and time-efficient road building program, Midwest’s dedicated team will help you make the most informed decision and discover savings in the process.

Deliver a Stronger, Longer Lasting Road Surface at a Lower Cost Than Conventional Road Designs

Our stabilization solutions produce roadways that perform as well as conventional asphalt surfaces, and we’re successfully challenging the field’s traditional reliance on asphalt for building and maintaining low-volume roads. By using in-place soils and highly sustainable products, Midwest is able to reduce construction costs by up to 80% while maintaining 100% of the strength of an asphalt road.

Benefits of Our Stabilization and Building Solutions:

  • Improve long-term performance of un-surfaced and surfaced roads
  • Improve aging control to reduce cracking and moisture damage
  • Use native in-place soils wherever possible
  • Increase structural integrity and loading capacity (CBR)
  • Create or restore a smooth, skid-resistant surface
  • Offer a cost-effective alternative to asphalt
  • Produce lighter surfaces that do not absorb heat
  • Employ products proven to be environmentally safe
  • Never harm vegetation or wildlife

Interested in a stronger, longer-lasting, surface for your unpaved road or pathway? We at Midwest can work with you to find the ideal solution, incorporating everything in our recommendation from your road’s climate, to its average traffic volume, to its surrounding wildlife and environment. Whether you’re interested in handling the application yourself or relying on our team of highly trained and certified technicians, we can offer you a solution engineered to bring you optimal results.

To find out more about Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.’s road stabilization and building solutions, contact us today.

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