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Soil-Sement Engineered Formula, part of the Soil-Sement family of polymer emulsions for road construction and stabilization, creates an impenetrable, durable surface with superior compressive strength.

Midwest’s Soil-Sement Engineered Formula for dust control and soil stabilization boasts more certifications and verifications for environmental safety and performance effectiveness than any other polymer emulsion.

Build or Stabilize Roads to be Hard as Steel or Resilient as Rubber

Soil-Sement Engineered Formula is a high performance, critical application polymer emulsion designed to give exceptional dry strength and exceptional wet strength properties.

Midwest’s Soil-Sement Engineered Formula increases the load-bearing strength of all types of surfaces. As part of the design, Midwest provides complete engineering services including laboratory analysis of native soils and materials, and product volumes, optimum moisture determination, water mix ratio, and blending design to provide optimum compaction and desired density and strength.

Soil-Sement Engineered Formula’s nanotechnology formulation enables our scientists to control matter on an atomic and molecular scale, taking into account dry strength, wet strength, ductility, elasticity, UV resistance, climate, and many other factors. It has been proven the most effective – and cost-effective – for stabilization projects all over the globe.

Soil-Sement Engineered Formula Benefits:

Creates an engineered stabilized 7- to 25-cm road layer which will resist shifting, breaking up or sink failures
Increases load-bearing strength of all types of soils and surfaces
Stands up to traffic, loading abuses and extreme temperatures
Reduces need for road maintenance
Increases fuel efficiency and higher productivity
Environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and does not pollute ground water
Offers maximum weather ability to wind, rain ultraviolet light and other weather conditions

Tested & Verified – Independently

Midwest believes in proving claims not making them, so our clients can be sure they are getting what they pay for from both performance and environmental perspectives.

An accumulation of 40 years of focused research and development by Midwest, our Soil Sement family of products represents one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry manufactured to rigid quality standards and with vigorous independent third party testing for performance and quality assessment. This is all part of Midwest’s commitment to user safety, environmental soundness, performance as advertised and a promise of competence, quality and reliability.

Soil-Sement is the only polymer emulsion certified and verified by independent agencies:

US EPA Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) test data verifies that Soil-Sement is safe for people and the environment as well as effective in suppressing PM10 and PM2.5 levels.

One formulation of Soil-Sement holds the Bureau de normalisation de Quebec (BNQ) Certification. A rigorous and impartial third-party provider of international environmental standards, the BNQ provides a transparent and uniform process: each product is evaluated according to eight stringent parameters that evaluate its ecotoxicological impact.

Soil-Sement hold the environmental and performance certification from Canadian Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV). The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program is delivered by ETV Canada under a license agreement from Environment Canada. The ETV Program is designed to support Canada’s environment industry by providing credible and independent verification of technology performance claims.

The California Environmental Technology Certification (Cal-Cert) verifies Soil-Sement for reducing PM10 emissions and is safe for the environment.

California Air Resources Board’s (CARB’s) evaluation and verification of Soil-Sement®, provides certification on both performance and environmental soundness to assist air pollution control and air quality management districts in meeting the requirements of the Air Pollution Permit Streamlining Act.

Soil-Sement polymer emulsion is utilized by more industries than any other soil stabilizer on the market today. You can breathe easier knowing that when you choose Soil-Sement Engineered Formula polymer emulsion, you will meet or exceed ALL regulatory compliance requirements.

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