Reliably consistent and consistently reliable, Midwest’s products are manufactured to standards that ensure optimum performance month to month, season to season, and year to year.

One size fits all does not always make for a good fit; unique problems require unique solutions. Midwest is a pioneer, not a me-too company. Our product development begins with a challenge and ends when we produce a solution that proves its worth in the field. Off-the-shelf is fine when it works, but when it does not Midwest has the capability and tenacity to customize a formula for its clients’ specific needs.

Midwest’s products are developed in our own lab, unique in our industry. Each year we invest 3% to 5% of our budget on lab and field research designed to enhance and further optimize our products and ensure that we are the foremost experts in the market about how, how much and how often applications are needed to get the best performance and dollar value over time. We also partner with academia and industry organizations to support their research efforts.