Conveyor Belt Anti-Icing and Deicing Agents

Midwest’s material handling anti-icing and deicing solutions are as effective on granite and other minerals as they are on coal. Tested, proven, and enhanced for more than three decades, our winter operating agents increase safety, eliminate coal supply interruption, lower costs, and reduce the need for weather-related maintenance.

Midwest protects against the friction, downtime, burned-out motors, and belt misalignment that promise to hamper your material handling operations when ice formation attacks your conveyor belts. Our proven belt de-icers, available a la carte or through a turnkey Midwest program, will save you valuable time and money while providing a safer work environment.

Freeze Conditioning and Side Release Agents

Midwest’s complete line of freeze conditioning and side release agents create a non-freezable barrier that will keep ice bonding to a minimum. They prevent ice formation by weakening the ice crystal structure. Our FCA’s and SRA’s lubricity helps load and unload material more easily and prevents costly downtime and demurrage.

Material Handling Anti-Icing and Deicing Benefits:

Prevents snow and ice from building up on conveyor belts, idlers, and pulleys
Melts existing snow, ice, and freezing frost from their surfaces
Eliminates handling problems caused by icing
Stops backslides resulting from belt hardening
Minimizes fines carry-back and buildup on belts, idlers, and pulleys

Material Handling Anti-icing and Deicing Products and Services