Effective industrial road dust control is the best way to keep dust emissions at a minimum and health and safety at a maximum while saving money over the long term.

In a typical situation, watering unpaved roads, storage or laydown areas is common.  Watering causes surface abrasion with loss of fines, washout of roadbed materials and wash boarding and potholes.  As a result, there is continual maintenance of roads with even more cost of grading, rolling and material replacement. It is a never ending cycle of watering, grading, replacing material, dust, watering etc.

Do you have a medium to large industrial facility that operates unpaved storage or laydown areas and roadways that are part of and critical to the operation?  A large steel mill, pipe yard or quarry?  Are you experiencing time consuming difficulty managing your facility dust control work needed to meet regulations, experiencing operating issues and/or have significant employee complaints?

Midwest Designs Dust Control Programs Based on Your Unique Situation  

Let Midwest help you minimize your industrial road and laydown yard dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Midwest‘s industrial road dust control programs with certified and proven solutions will, actively conserve water, maintain a consistent level of industrial road dust control while improving your road and surface areas, as well as:

Benefits of A Road and Laydown Yard Dust Control Program:

  • Reduce watering by 98%-plus
  • Reduce grading from 50-85%
  • Improve safety and visibility
  • Reduce operational equipment maintenance
  • Allow re-allocation of resources to more strategic needs of business
  • Perform customer site audits for tracking of performance and compliance requirements
  • Support with our service network for program reliability

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