Anti-icing Spray System for Mass Transit Third Rail

The Ice-Slicer Third Rail Spray System was designed to apply Midwest’s Zero Gravity Third Rail Anti-Icer automatically to either third rail side of your trains to keep the surfaces free of ice.

Applied when predictions indicate freezing temperatures and prior to a severe storm event, it prevents ice and snow from bonding to the third rail, keeps your trains on schedule, and helps maintain maximum safety for passengers. Ongoing applications during a storm event will maintain ice-free rails and uninterrupted track operations.

Keep Your Trains Operating in the Worst of Winter Weather

Traditional deicers used for third rail applications are very fluid. The thin fluid runs off the rail and provides no residual protection. Additionally, once rails have frozen over, it requires 5 to 10 times more of this thin fluid to melt ice than it would if you used Zero Gravity Third Rail Anti-Icer Deicer. Using low viscosity deicers makes your de-icing practice ineffective and costly. Zero Gravity Third Rail and Ice-Slicer create a pro-active approach for your anti-icing procedures to conserve product, saving you time and money and preventing operational interruption.

Third Rail utilizes a NASA technology “Smart Fluid” referred to as Zero Gravity, a co-developed technology between NASA and Ames Research Center. Midwest has been licensed to utilize Zero Gravity in Third Rail Anti-Icer and is patent protected. When a small amount (a thin film of .01”) of this non-corrosive substance is sprayed onto the third rail, its viscosity reverts to high “zero” shear or static viscosity which enables it to stay in place. This makes Zero Gravity Third Rail strongly resistant to rain, snow, ice, surface winds, and the adverse effects of gravity.


Ice Slicer Third Rail Spray System Benefits:

  • Keeps the mass transit’s schedule accurate
  • Maintains maximum safety for passengers
  • Prevents costly downtime
  • Helps maintain community relations

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