Winter Coal Handling Solutions

Ice Fyghter products are multi-component, liquid belt deicing and anti-icing agents. They eliminate coal and material-handling problems caused by ice glazing and fines build-up on conveyor belts. with its coal handling solutions working in temperatures as low as -40°F. These problems seriously complicate or prevent operations from functioning to their maximum capability.

Ice Fyghter was developed to provide coal handling solutions that recognize and eliminate conveyor problems caused by snow, moisture, freezing and sub-zero temperatures. Ice Fyghter saves time and man power when you are racing deadlines and shortages and saves motors from burning up and belts from tearing when the conveyors are started.

Ice Fyghter can be sprayed onto the top of conveyor belts, tail pulleys, the bottom cover, or trough idlers to prevent ice glaze or build-up caused by precipitation or moisture from coal. If ice is already present, Ice Fyghter will instantly melt it. When belt slippage hampers start-up and threatens to burn out the drive, Ice Fyghter will increase friction. Unlike chloride-based products, it will not damage spray application systems.

It provides a better, faster labor-reducing coal handling solutions for conveyor maintenance operation. Most important, it will keep coal going up the conveyor instead of down the conveyor.

Ice Fyghter is available as a diethylene glycol agent (Ice Fyghter D) or gylcerin based agent (Ice Fyghter G)

Ice Fyghter Benefits:

  • Stops coal slides when sprayed at the tail pulley
  • Minimizes carry-back
  • Non-flammable
  • Leaves no residue
  • Odorless

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