New Rail Lubricant!

New and significantly improved, Glidex MC long-lasting synthetic switch lubricant keeps rail switches operating smoothly as possible in any climate. Glidex MC can also be used for slide plates, throw rods, movable bridges, overhead crane rails, couplers and more.

Reduce Friction at Rail Switches By Up to 30% More With Midwest’s Improved Solution

With better and safer chemistry than ever before, Glidex MC contains a specially formulated additive that reduces oxidation, making rail switch lubrication more effective and longer lasting than ever. With new residual properties, Glidex MC has a cumulative effect, designed to inhibit metal corrosion and reduce metal-on-metal friction — no matter the climate or specific site properties. Acting as an important barrier, Glidex MC protects your rail switches from the harmful effects of the elements without costing you excessive time or energy.

Glidex MC, is non-flammable, non-corrosive, safe to use and provides long-term effectiveness. Glidex is not water soluble and therefore cannot be washed away by rainfall or melting snow.

Glidex MC Benefits:

  • Ideal for heavy-frost and wet-weather climates
  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t freeze and can be poured at -40ºF
  • Doesn’t collect dirt or dust
  • Lasts longer than graphite or petroleum products
  • Can be used year-round
  • Contains a metal conditioner that reduces oxidation
  • Reduces friction an additional 30%

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