Tough on Dust, Easy on the Environment

Created in our laboratory, EK35 was one of the first Synthetic Organic Dust Control® products on the market. Unique in the industry, this product has a binder system that captures fines and keeps them locked into the surface, preventing fugitive dust from escaping.

EK35’s synthetic fluid and resin binder interlocks and durably binds surface aggregate and fines together through both cohesive and adhesive mechanisms. As fines are generated, they are captured, preventing them from escaping as dust.

EK35 is a superior choice for industrial, construction, and municipal applications. It quickly penetrates dust and remains actively effective on clay, sand, gravel, limestone, and most native soils regardless of the weather or how severe the traffic. EK35 provides longer-lasting performance and requires fewer applications than other dust control and surface-stabilization methods – regardless of season.

EK35 Benefits:
Creates pavement-like strength; enhanced by traffic
 Can be reworked without reapplication
 Does not evaporate or leach out of the surface
 Performs well at extreme temperatures
 Can be stored at temperatures down to -50° F
 Readily biodegradable in natural environments
 Works with all types of soils and aggregates

Tested & Verified – Independently

Midwest believes in proving claims not making them, so our clients can be sure they are getting what they pay for from both performance and environmental perspectives.

EK35 has been independently tested and certified:

 US EPA Environmental Technology Verification test data verifies that EK35 is safe for people and the environment as well as effective in suppressing PM10 and PM2.5 levels. No other synthetic fluids have achieved this designation.

 The non-corrosive properties of EK35 has been certified by Boeing Document D6-17487, the most stringent corrosion standard in the United States.

 EK35 is certified and in compliance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission – Dirt and Gravel Road Maintenance Program.

 EK35 complies with requirements of the Clean Water Act and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System and realizes fines preservation for surface stability and dust control.

 EK35 meets the criteria for the term synthetic as established by the US EPA for sediment toxicity, biodegradability, PAH content, aquatic toxicity, and being oil-sheen free.

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