Material Handling Foam Dust Suppressants

Midwest’s Dust-Buster family of foam dust suppressants are highly efficient because they are injected directly at transfer, process point, stack-out, or reclaim areas, where they smother, capture and collect airborne dust.

Working together, our custom material handling dust control systems and foam dust suppression agents stop material handling dust from occurring during loading, unloading, belt conveying and transferring, stack-out reclaim, crushing, and other critical locations where particles can become airborne and cause many environmental headaches.

Why Dust-Buster Foam Agents?

The Dust-Buster family of efficient, environmentally friendly foaming dust suppressants can solve your most difficult dust problems in almost every industry.

In deciding whether to use foam dust suppressants, it makes sense to compare it to water. A water droplet because of its high surface tension cannot, penetrate and coat dust particles. Midwest’s Dust-Buster foam agents, with its low surface tension, can easily capture and blanket dust particles so they do not become a cloud of airborne dust.

Dust-Buster Foam Agents Benefits:

  • Reduce dust emissions up to 85%
  • Do not release dust downstream
  • Require just a small fraction of the water needed when water is the only treatment
  • Work well with all types of water
  • Environmentally safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous
  • Reasonably priced
  • VOC-and solvent-free
  • Easily diluted

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