For many, roads are a way of life. They underpin our entire society, and allow goods to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe. But for rural communities, roads have an even more important contribution to community life.

We know healthy, vibrant rural communities and villages depend on safe and stable roads. The need to keep the dust down and improve air quality and create good road surfaces has become more important than ever.

For over 40 years, Midwest has helped villages, towns, and cities around the world solve their dust problems. And with our experience, we can safely say that community leaders will be thrilled with the results of our dust control programs.

Community Road Management Programs

 At Midwest we offer rural communities a better solution. With Midwest’s Fines Preservation and Road Management Programs, we offer community leaders’ safe, easy-to-implement, and affordable solutions that eliminate dust and leave communities with stronger, longer-lasting roads.

Wherever dust poses a health risk to families, Midwest wants to be a part of the solution. We can help you achieve unprecedented levels of dust reduction, ensure local residents’ health and safety, and deliver a road network everyone can rely on for years to come.

Community Road Dust Control Benefits:

Significantly reduce dust and improve air quality

• Improve visibility and increase safety

 Maintain the “as constructed” properties of the road

 Increase the structural integrity and bearing strength

 Extend surface life, add years to the lifecycle of your roads

Community & Rural Village Roads

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