Anti-Icing Spray Systems

Midwest’s line of Cobra anti-icing and deicing spray systems for our line of anti-icing and deicing agents includes models that can be preprogrammed to turn themselves on and off at pre-set intervals, turned on manually with an automatic turn-off, or turned on and off manually.

Cobras are low pressure and have a special spray header design and placement for effective application of Midwest’s anti-icing and deicing products. They spray the top cover, bottom cover of the conveyor or both simultaneously. Choose the Cobra model that best suits your needs, and eliminate winter worries about snow and ice.

Choose From Our Line of Cobra Anti-Icing and Deicing Spray Systems:

Cobra Auto-Spray System
Programmed to turn on automatically; spray the top cover, bottom cover or both simultaneously; and turn itself off, ready for the next pre-programmed spraying cycle.

Cobra “Press and Go” Spray System
Just press “Start” and walk away; the system will spray for a pre-set time and then turn itself off.

Cobra Manual Spray System
Turn on and off manually using a toggle switch located on the unit.

Cobra Winter Spray Systems Benefits:

  • Eliminate manpower at tail pulley
  • Eliminate gravity-fed systems that are left on or that do not regulate product output
  • Avoid excess consumption of product during severe weather
  • Reduce manpower needs
  • Eliminate the need for salamanders that can create safety issues

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