Keep Railway Switches Operational in Freezing Temperatures

Packed snow and switch-jamming ice can grind rail and mass transit operations to a halt—problems that can only be solved with adequate switch anti-icing and deicing. Midwest’s switch anti-icing agents prevent operational problems and keep your trains rolling and your costs down.

Railways can suffer through serious equipment damage and delays due to ice and snow if the necessary preventative measures aren’t taken to combat their effects. Midwest’s switch anti-icing agent uses a NASA Smart Fluid technology co-developed by NASA/Ames Research Center and Midwest called Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity anti-icers and deicers offer a long-lasting, non-freezable product that prevents slowdowns caused by weather, and can be applied in the harshest conditions. Midwest’s anti-icing solutions are designed to proactively prevent the deleterious effects of ice and snow on railways, and their deicing solutions can solve any problems that occur on slide plates, throw rods, bridges, overhead rails, or couplers as they arise.

Our switch anti-icing solutions help prevent service interruptions, and keep trains moving.

Rail Switch Anti-Icing & Deicing Benefits:

Decreases the need for costly, manual deicing
Remains in place, activating as needed
Reduces weather related disruptions and delays
Melts snow and ice that falls from rail cars
More effective than heaters

Rail Switch Anti-Icing & Deicing Products

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