Construction dust and erosion lead to loss of soil and an increased likelihood of higher levels of sedimentation and water pollution. There exists a potential of serious fines if a site does not meet strict environmental open-air dust control regulations set forth by the NPDES, NEPA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act relating to water and air quality.

Eliminate Up to 98% of Construction-Site Erosion at the Source

Midwest’s soil stabilization and soil erosion control products can eliminate up to 98 percent of erosion problems at the source. Mechanical methods such as silt fences, hay bales, or retention ponds do not compare in effectiveness, which hovers at about 50 percent.

Midwest’s approach to construction site dust control is based on Best Management Practices and Best Available Control Technologies. Midwest’s environmentally- safe products are formulated to limit construction site dust, erosion, storm water runoff and the adverse effect it can have on human, plant, water and environmental health.

Let Midwest help you minimize your construction site dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Construction Site Dust and Erosion Control Benefits:

  • Compliance with NPDES and SWPPP
  • Maximum control of PM10 and PM2.5 dust emissions
  • Eliminate 98% of erosion at the source
  • Prevent polluted storm water runoff that can pose life-threatening harm to fish, wildlife, and the aquatic habitat
  • Cut grading and surface-maintenance costs
  • Fewer health issues, safer worksites, and less money expended on grading and surface maintenance

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