Material Handling Wet Dust Suppression System

The Dustract Wet Suppression System is a well-proven method of dust suppression achieved by using a combination of Midwest-developed atomizing spray technology and our Dustract additive injected into the pumped-water stream at multiple points in the material-handling process.

Dustract dust suppression system is completely automatic and can be controlled to spray only when material is present and moving. The system is flexible, allowing spray points to be selected or de-selected to meet site requirements year round.

The smallest amount of Dustract – one part to 2000 parts water – is all it takes to break down the surface tension of water and increase the attraction and encapsulation of dust particles at loading, unloading, belt-conveying, transfer, stack-out, reclaim and crushing points in the process.

Dustract Wet Suppression System

Dustract Wet Suppression System are equally effective in controlling concrete dust, cement and cement kiln dust, coal dust, aggregate dust and almost any type of material handling dust regardless of industry.

Midwest can provide a full dust-suppression spray system program starting with a site survey and proceeding through equipment design, installation, ongoing service and onsite performance testing. Our seasoned experts ensure that all systems are functioning efficiently so that optimal dust suppression levels are the norm.

Wet Suppression Benefits:

  • Reduces dust by up to 90%
  • Does not release dust downstream
  • Alleviates respiratory issues caused by poor air quality
  • Customizable to meet the needs of specific operations
  • Manufactured for years of use in harsh environments
  • Spray manifolds designed for each chosen spray point
  • Set to spray only when material is present and moving
  • Select or deselect any spray point

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