Any underground mine operator can tell you that underground roads consistently bear some of the heaviest loads while simultaneously enduring the heaviest use. Slippery conditions, lots of mud, lots of dust, pot holes, equipment breakdowns, tramming delays, and frequent work interruptions. The constant road maintenance required causes significant inefficiencies for mines in terms of man-hours spent, the amount of water being used, and the on-going interruption of revenue producing mining activities. Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is the potentially hazardous working conditions caused by the constant application of water including the negative impact on ventilation that makes it much more difficult to work underground.

Midwest can create and maintain a stable, compact running surface that will improve overall stability of the roads and reduce total maintenance costs, including man hours required. Our goal is to help you reduce slippery road conditions, tramming delays, work interruptions and road grading. Midwest’s solutions-oriented approach can help address your concerns, satisfy your budgetary requirements AND virtually eliminate dust.

Let Midwest help you minimize your underground road dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Underground Road Dust Control Benefits:

  • Maintain compliance with PM10 and PM2.5 requirements
  • Deliver consistent visibility and improved working conditions
  • Eliminate tramming delays
  • Reduce water consumption by 90+%
  • Reduce grading by 50+%
  • Improve the condition of the road surface
  • Reallocate personnel into production areas

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