Soil Stabilization Technologies

Midwest’s GreenPave® soil stabilization technology offers advantages in a wide variety of road stabilization applications from unpaved roads that will remain un-surfaced to roads that will receive running surface treatments. Roadbed stabilization treatments include native roadbed soils, old graveled roads, or recycled roadway surface materials. We create a superior structure that maximizes potential road strength and extends the useful life of the road bed.

Both in the private and public sectors road engineers are faced with tightening budgets and increased environmental compliance challenges. Traditional methods of building a roadway are becoming more and more costly. Road department budgets, particularly maintenance related are shrinking annually. Environmental regulations demanding dust and sediment control for unpaved roadways and shoulders continue to tighten. Common soil amendments such as gravel or road base for improving road structure are becoming less available and increasingly expensive. Transportation costs to import these amendments have also sky rocketed.

Green Pave Technology

GreenPave is an innovative soil stabilization approach to road construction that uses alternative binders to engineer sustainable and durable pavement out of native soils. Our road building experts work to understand your requirements and the composition of the native soils on site to deliver an optimal road building program in terms of cost, strength (CBR), and timeline. Our GreenPave technologies allow us to build stronger roads at shallower depths than any other approach, which means your road budget will stretch further than you imagined.

We will work with you to understand the requirements of your road building project and develop the right solution based on the unique properties of native soils in your area, the availability and cost of road building materials, your performance requirements, and your budget.

Road construction that makes use of the existing soil also provides the means to safeguard the natural beauty of unpaved roads in rural areas or communities that want to preserve a traditional aesthetic. Because the end result requires less manpower and long-term maintenance than conventional roadways, natural paving promises to continuously reward customers and communities long after installation.

This formula has already been put into extensive use by municipalities, the military, heavy industry, and homeowners’ organizations. Whether you’re interested in preserving the beauty of natural roads or implementing a cost (and time) efficient road building program, Midwest’s dedicated team will help you make the most informed decision and discover savings.

Deliver A Stronger, Longer Lasting Road Surface at A Lower Cost Than Conventional Road Design

GreenPave produces roadways that perform as well as conventional asphalt surfaces, and is successfully challenging the traditional reliance on asphalt for building and maintaining unpaved roads. By using in-place soils and highly sustainable products, Midwest is able to reduce up to 80% of construction costs while maintaining 100% of the strength of an asphalt road.

Soil Stabilization Benefits:
Improve the mechanical qualities of local road construction soils
Increase loading capacity (CBR)
Improve structural integrity
Reduce harmful moisture penetration
Provide longer economic life of the roadbed
Reduce maintenance costs
Lower road construction costs

Soil Stabilization Products & Services

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