Where impervious hillsides and excessive rain or snowmelt meet, hillside erosion rears its ugly head and requires slope stabilization. Without adequate slope protection, water-borne soil sediment, debris, chemicals, and other pollutants will set off on their unstoppable journey downward. The resultant runoff can potential taint water quality, jeopardizing the health of both wildlife and nearby residents. Traditional mechanical methods of slope stabilization and erosion control, such as silt fences, retention ponds, blankets, mats, mesh, and cellular confinement systems, have proven only partially effective in combating erosion.

To most effectively combat hillside erosion and its negative ecological consequences, Midwest’s slope protection solutions eliminate 98% of hillside erosion. Moreover, our products have been certified as non-toxic and environmentally-safe for application on hillside sites, meaning that there’s no risk of contaminating soils, streams, or vegetation.

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