Road and Surface Dust Control

Dust Control Programs

Midwest implements dust control solutions and programs that solve your problems, regardless of how simple or complex. We serve municipalities, gravel runways in remote locations and industrial facilities that operate unpaved storage or laydown areas and roadways that are part of and critical to the operations of steel mills, pipe yards, mines and quarries, to name a few. If you are experiencing time consuming, difficulty in managing dust control work needed to meet regulations, experiencing operating issues and/or have significant employee complaints, Midwest has the answer.

You have unique circumstances and requirements to consider as you develop a plan to control dust, improve operations, and comply with air and water quality regulations. Over the past 40 years, Midwest has been the industry leader in the development of innovative and effective products for use in dust control programs. Each dust control product is designed to solve a specific dust problem for either the short term, an annual program, or for years. We design a custom solution to meet your operational and economic requirements, the dust control duration needed, activity and/or traffic, and all other conditions that will boost productivity across your site, lower maintenance costs, improve worker safety, and ensure environmental compliance.

Midwest offers assistance with customer-applied programs, turn-key delivery and application and completely outsourced dust control and surface management.

Outsourced Facility Dust Control and Surface Management

Midwest’s Managed Service Program includes Midwest’s portfolio of world class dust control products based on the requirements of your operations, the conditions, details of traffic and loads being moved.

Each Managed Service Program is designed for the complete dust control season requirement and is performed by Midwest’s extensive service network which includes highly skilled and trained Product Applicator Specialists, their experience in making judgments and decisions to optimize results, and Midwest’s highly efficient supply chain and distribution network, yard audit program, environmental record keeping and reporting system and trained program manager.

Midwest’s Dust Control Programs for unpaved roads and surfaces Benefits
• Reduction of watering by 98%-plus
• Reduction of grading from 50-85%
• Water conservation
• Improved safety for visibility
• Consistent level of dust control
• Improved roadway and surface running areas
• Environmental compliance, with recordkeeping and reporting if desired
• Yard/site auditing (progression of performance reporting)

Road and Surface Dust Control Products