Non-Traffic Areas Dust Control

Control Dust, Improve Operations, and Comply With Air and Water Quality Regulations

When it comes to problems with pollution and air quality, Midwest has the answer. Midwest seals coal stockpiles, tops transport railcars, eliminates harmful emissions from ash ponds, mine tailings and construction sites. Midwest has you covered.

Midwest offers effective coal pile management that keeps coal pile moisture content as low as possible. Sealing coal piles against moisture and oxygen is the only practical way of preventing the deterioration of stored coal. Unsealed, coal piles are likely to have lower BTU values, burn less efficiently, and bear the ravages of freezing and oxidation. They will emit coal dust, an environmental and health concern, and result in actual loss of coal.

When winter freezes and dry summer months cause serious ash pond and mine tailing management issues relating to dust and an ever-more stringent regulatory environment. Midwest’s sealants promise to most effectively get the job done.

Coal, ore, and gypsum dust is becoming a bigger challenge as increasingly stringent environmental and railroad regulations mandate effective car topping. In-transit dust not only poses health risks, but also damages equipment and creates an environmental hazard for which railroad and mine management teams will be held responsible.

Midwest not only meets the demands of the new BNSF Tariff rate for suppressing dust on in-transit coal rail cars, we can assure you the lowest cost per ton combined with the lowest water usage. We will work with you to meet your requirements and determine application rate by testing in our soils laboratory and our state of the art wind tunnel to ensure your required dust control efficiency rate.

Midwest will keep you in compliance with the increasingly stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA and other regulatory agencies. PM10 and PM2.5 emissions will no longer be a concern. Your work environment will be cleaner and healthier, and you will maintain good neighbor status by reducing dust emissions that are both a nuisance and health issue nearby businesses and residences.


Eliminates PM10 and PM2.5 emissions
Ensures compliance with EPA and other government agency guidelines
Provides a cleaner, healthier work environment
Facilitates better community relations

Non-Traffic Areas Dust Control Products: