Midwest’s mine tailing dust control and management solutions prevent PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles from escaping mine tailings at open-pit mines during both winter freezes and dry summer months. These conditions can cause serious health risks, as well as major issues for mine managers operating in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment.

Sealing mine tailings is the only practical way of preventing fines from lifting into the air and creating dust. Midwest will keep you in compliance with the increasingly stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA and other regulatory agencies.

Let Midwest help you minimize your mine tailings dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Mine Tailings Management Benefits:

  • Abates airborne particulate matter and windblown fallout
  • Eliminates environmental and health risks
  • Facilitates compliance with EPA and other government agency guidelines
  • Minimizes leaching

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