Gravel Runways

Midwest’s Gravel Runway Fines Preservation® Program Addresses the Realities of Aerial Operations in the North

A principle of Midwest’s Gravel Runway Fines Preservation Program is the achievement of fines retention which results in an increase of CBR and uniform smoothness of the runway. Fines preservation captures and traps fines as they are generated by traffic and wheel friction and locks them into the surface preventing the fines from escaping as dust. The resulting gravel runway surface is highly resistant to damage from abrasion during take-off and landing.

Engineering Benefits:

  • Preserve 80-90% of previously lost gravel and fines
  • Eliminate dust
  • Increase CBR
  • Improve rated performance of runway
  • Improve surface drainage and frost protection
  • Eliminates the 15% performance penalty typical of gravel runways
  • Extend runway surface life by 7 to 20 years
  • Minimize and quantify future gravel requirements

Aircraft Performance Benefits:

  • Boeing tested for aircraft surface and parts safety
  • Improve runway smoothness
  • Reduce rolling resistance
  • Improve braking
  • Minimize rutting
  • Increased margin of safety for take-off and landings

Economic Benefits:

  • Reduce costly equipment and gravel sourcing
  • Reduce Airport Maintenance Cost
  • Reduce damage to aircraft propellers, tires, flap and belly surfaces
  • Runway performance designs for Dash 8’s, ATRs, Boeing 737s, Hercules and aircraft of the future
  • Maximize onsite gravel supplies
  • Improve both capital and O&M budgets

Environmental Benefits:

  • Envirokleen® & EK35® are certified by the US EPA Environmental Verification Program
  • Envirokleen is certified by the The Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ)

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