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Fines Preservation Solutions

Replacement of the aggregate surface on a poorly maintained road is expensive. Resurfacing a remote gravel runway can be very difficult and costly in a village where there is limited or no aggregate or very expensive aggregate.  Worse, dust that blows off county roads into the surrounding area can be environmentally damaging, and from a runway, a safety issue as well as serious health risk to adults and children living in the nearby community.

The methods commonly used to combat degradation of gravel roads and runways—spraying water or using cheap dust suppressants—treat the symptom of dust for the short-term, but do not solve the challenges of overall surface lifecycle management. In fact, using water to combat dust often leads to larger challenges and more expensive repairs down the road. The loss of critical fines, and destabilization of the surface as water and tire pressure grind the loose material to dust, leads to potholes, washboarding and raveling, rutting, segregation and costly damage to aircraft and vehicles.

Maintain the Surface “As Constructed”

Midwest’s Fines Preservation solutions, utilizing U.S. EPA ETV-verified and Boeing-approved EnviroKleen® and EK35®, go beyond traditional methods to create surfaces that meet your most demanding needs. Our differentiated technology helps preserve the road or runway in its “as constructed” design and profile, adding years to the surface life before the significant cost of re-building or resurfacing is necessary.

The longer your operation is able to maintain a gravel road or runway surface in its original “as constructed” condition, the lower your lifecycle cost. Money not spent on maintenance or replacing aggregate can be used to add additional miles of road or to upgrade your runway facilities.

Increase the Lifecycle by Years

Improving the lifecycle, reducing the cost and optimizing the operation of your gravel road or runway is a smart investment and good business decision. Why watch your road or runway blow away every time an aircraft lands or takes off, or a vehicle passes, when you can stop that cycle of loss with Fines Preservation technologies from Midwest.

Midwest can recommend a Fines Preservation program based on your particular surface requirements.  In addition to specific recommendations, we provide detailed application guidelines and can even offer in-field support during installation. Midwest’s comprehensive approach guarantees fines preservation and the resulting values you receive from elimination of dust and best runway or road long term performance.

Calculate How Much You Can Save

Call Midwest and let us work with you to diagnose the problem. We can help you find a long-term solution that will drive lowest cost over the life of the runway or road, preserve the surrounding environment, reduce nearby residential respiratory issues, and protect your vehicle operations.

Fines Preservation Benefits:

  • Keep critical fines as part of the surface, where they belong
  • Maintain the “as constructed” properties of the runway or road
  • Add years to the lifecycle of the runway or road
  • Eliminate dust by 80-95% for up to 4 years
  • Reduce variability of surface stiffness to double expected life of the surface
  • Reduce maintenance cost and costly repairs by up to 50%
  • Save expensive aggregate used to construct the runway or road
  • Increase the structural integrity and bearing strength of the runway
    or road
  • Improve visibility and increase safety
  • Save money – we can help you calculate how much