We Were Green Before the Movement Took Root

New regulations are legislated on an ongoing basis, and it is not just the government making mandates. Our customers’ customers want to work with companies that value and respect the environment.

Midwest is committed to producing products that not only protect the environment but also, where possible, enhance it. The products we sell are developed in our own lab, unique in our industry, so our chemists think green from source materials to formulation and from production to application.

In an industry driven by the need to produce products that protect the environment, greenwashing is sometimes part of the marketing process.  Each claim we make about the environmental safety of our products is backed by third-party certifications, and we are always happy to provide proof. Because our products are safe for the environment, they are not subject to the reporting and storage regulations other manufacturers’ products are.

We will continue the greening of Midwest because doing so is integral to the success of our business and those of our customers.