Dust-Buster® for Automobile Shredding & Recycling

Automobile Shredder Dust Control Solutions

Midwest’s line of Dust-Buster® Spray Systems eliminate concerns about dust, blue smoke, explosions, operating interruptions and compliance with environmental regulations.

The automobile shredding business can be messy, expensive, and even potentially dangerous if the necessary precautions aren’t taken in advance — large-scale operations are prone to dust, blue smoke emissions and explosions that can hinder operations and endanger employees.

Reduce dust and danger in your recycling operations

Midwest understands these risks, and has developed the products and solutions necessary for large, automobile shredding facilities to keep their operations and their employees safe. With a combination of our Dust-Buster Spray Systems and foam dust suppressants, Midwest will individually assess your site and develop a set of solutions to optimize your facility while also taking control of blue smoke, dust, health, safety and regulatory concerns.

Midwest’s automobile shredder dust control solutions inject foam and foaming chemical into shredders to capture dust before it escapes into the air, vastly reducing emissions and improving working conditions.

Reduce the frequency and velocity of explosions by 50% to 80%

Dust-Busters make recycling operations safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly. They require just a small fraction of the water needed when water is the only treatment and produce less mud around your shredder. They are installed in a snap by removing a liner bolt on each side of a shredder’s hood and simply replacing each with a foam nozzle. Dust-Buster systems along with Midwest’s particle-absorbing foam products have been proven successful over and over again for more than a decade of use across North America and Canada.

Midwest’s range of dust control products and suppressants can be customized to fit any facility or operation. Having been tested extensively and proven successful and long-lasting, Midwest’s low-maintenance Dust-Buster® dust suppression systems for shredding and recycling are built to withstand the harsh environment in which they work and do not require water filtering. These products are top-of-the-line and far more effective, reliable, and safer than many other available dust control products or systems.

Let Midwest help you minimize your auto shredding dust emissions and keep your operations as safe and productive as possible.

Automobile Shredding Dust Control Benefits

  • Reduces dust emissions by up to 85%
  • Decreases disposal costs by lightening residual waste by 60 to 90 percent
  • Reduces blue smoke and explosions
  • Does not release dust downstream at transfer and screening points
  • Will not blind screens or affect picking process
  • Requires just a small fraction of the water used when water is the only treatment
  • Produces less mud around your shredder

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